Human Tides: Dynamis Energeia

by Hero's Fate

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released September 1, 2018


all rights reserved



Hero's Fate Hamburg, Germany

Since early 2009 Hero's Fate made themselves a name in the Melodic Death Metalscene. After two EPs the first two albums „Human Tides: Black Light Inception“ (2012) and „Human Tides: Cosmos Ex Chaos“ (2015). In 2010 gained international attention and rave reviews. The 2018 Release "Human Tides: Dynamis Energeia" marks the grand finale of the Human Tides Trilogy, being more diverse than ever before ... more

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Track Name: Empty Crown
I see you in front of me, just layers of skin
I'm the bringer of pain
The words you speak, a silent tongue
Relieve runs through my veins

Two beating hearts, a single choice
One remains and one decays
Don't try to hide, there's nowhere to run
Your life is waste

Cold sweat is dripping from your face
The blinded eyes seem to reflect
Anger, deafness, pain, have been growing in my flesh
Insticts i cant control nor neglect

I make you, a part of me, all will be taken away

Is this what you wanted, what you asked for a thounsand times?
Can you breath or do you drown,
real compassion or just an empty crown
Do you live life on your knees, or have you raised your voice in honesty
Can you breath or do you drown,
real compassion or just an empty crown
Track Name: The Flood Is Here
Day by day, year by year
Once so close and now so far
Tides move on and pull me down
The flood is here, come see me drown

A sea of lone progression
The burden of alteration
All thoughts, lost in cognition
I lost my way

Mountains of my creation
No control or limitation
Standing tall without foundation
No words left to say

They take another step
To deface the order
They give meaning to their flesh, until they die
The tides move on and so do I

Dead waters won't stand still
Tides move on
The tides move on and so do I

Tides move on come see me drown
Track Name: All Is Dying Now
Days turned to hours, moments into dust
consciousness is here and now
Just seconds left to live

I close my eyes and take a breath
This moment feels alive

All is dying now, to be reborn again
But once left behind
It's lost for me and condemned to die
All is dying now, to be alive again
There's no turning back
It's not mine, and will never be again

Reconstructions of the past
Have turned laughter into tears
What's a memory but a dream, that was never dreamed before

What' s a memory but a dream, that I never lived before
Who the fuck am I. I can't take this anymore.

It's all running through my hands
Every single life I lived
Projected and neglected
It's soon coming to an end juhuuu
Track Name: Alone, Unheard, Dethroned
We are tainted by our glance
There is nothing we can see
Beyond How can I become
The change I need to be

All I perceive is
Procreated fantasy of
Things Beyond
What can i believe?

I stand here, I am alone, still unheard, still dethroned
My mind is not free
I stand here, behind the wall, feeling blind, feeling small
What can I believe?

Can't we lose ourselves, to find back home…

…is just a metaphor
For this emtpy prison cell Of
time, to bridge the gap
to fill the gap

between your world and mine
between my words and mind

Free my hands and tear down this wall
Free my hands and tear it down
Track Name: Reach Through Distance
Our wars are carried.
On the shoulders of our past.
It seems too different.
But feels all the same.

Another drop into the ocean
A wall that's rising up
Another fear is taking us away

Another fear is taking us
another cut is tearing me apart

All life reflects.
Through friction or fusion.
Some will act.
While others just resign

Another drop into the ocean
A wall that's rising up
Another dream that is taking me away

Make me leave for a day. Make me feel likehome.

I reach through distance.
Not a step and not a mile.

To see constructed memory die
Track Name: This Hell Of Mine
Choices, chances, futures that have passed
In shapes meant to break when glimpsed at
Events never to be shine in golden light just once
The waves I hoped for run dry on no mans land
It was never meant to happen, why bother at all

Irreversable, unchangable, Accountable I feel
In this hell of mine

Was there ever a choice of bowing to the flow of time
Reach beyond dimensions and to another mind
Of possibilities and actions beyond my sight
to break this doubt, To break this cycle I see inside

Choices, chances, futures that have passed
Shards of glass scattered as far as I can gaze
The sun has set, slowly my skin turns cold
Slowly my skin turns cold

Swayed by winds in every direction
i dig my feet into the ground
The tides are rising, my face so pale
i need to focus on the consequences I await
Track Name: Serenity
When all is said and done I’ll be alone
It will soon be over and I’ll be gone

There is nobody that sees
nobody that knows or feels
no trace on this earth
Nothing left behind

We are nothing but stardust
meaningless in the face of time
Search for meaning in existence
now I have found mine

You Search for the meaning
Well I have found mine

There is nobody that sees us
nobody that knows or feels
Nothing left behind
we vanished in serenity

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