Human Tides: Cosmos Ex Chaos

by Hero's Fate

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In the pursuit of more sophisticated songwriting, an extraordinary soundscape and an intense concept the sophomore album „Human Tides: Cosmos Ex Chaos“ was released in self-production in 2015. It is not only the second chapter of the „Human Tides“-trilogy, but also a new chapter for the band in a new line-up.

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released May 1, 2015

Recorded at Hero's Fate Studios
Produced by jcv
Mastered at 4 Horizons Production by Markus Esch
Artwork by Ani Artwork
Print Support by Mosh'n'Roll e.V.


all rights reserved



Hero's Fate Hamburg, Germany

Since early 2009 Hero's Fate made themselves a name in the Melodic Death Metalscene. After two EPs the first two albums „Human Tides: Black Light Inception“ (2012) and „Human Tides: Cosmos Ex Chaos“ (2015). In 2010 gained international attention and rave reviews. The 2018 Release "Human Tides: Dynamis Energeia" marks the grand finale of the Human Tides Trilogy, being more diverse than ever before ... more

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Track Name: Solar Flares
Lying abandoned, long devoid of life
A crumbling beauty – preserved inside

All paths lead away, blazes from the sky
In utter silence, distorting my sight
I was supposed to leave, be forever gone
A magnetic pull to my desire's spawn

Structures of the past, I once called home
Rotten, desolate, a picture of my wrongs
I left to find a better place in insanity
But came back to my own misery

Structures of the past, I once called home
Rotten, desolate, a picture of my wrongs
I am the only one that cares
Black light and solar flares

Black light beneath a burning star
Solar flares eclipse my burning heart

I destroyed what should have been,
Reduced to ashes, fire and wind
Track Name: Cosmos Ex Chaos
I am captive in my own consciousness
And I see the world in disarray

The truth to finding order lies within myself
In this absolute darkness there is no one to help

Once I open the eyes and gates,
Explore what is, and not what seems to be

To escape misery's misery I feel the synergy

I was lost, apathetic and blind
I am not alone, I am the master of my own mind

A drop forms an ocean
A spark ignites the sun
The universe from nothing
I see it clearly now

A storm leaves the sea calm
The fire brings me warmth
I now understand my part
Cosmos Ex Chaos

I was lost, dwelled in black light
I am still here and begin to shine
Track Name: Fields Of Blood
I have died, but yet am still alive
Free, but bound for what I am
Caged in the midst of nothingness
In my own blood, sweat and tears

Fields of blood and tears

Fields of blood, the blood of lies
The blood I have lost in fight
Your blood that will always stick to me
With your beating heart in my hands

The beating heart in my hands
I followed once, but shall never twice

I have walked a million miles
Through all black shades of night
Escape the ruins of past lives

I have walked a million miles
through the fields of blood
To see myself rise

The beating heart in my hands
Screaming to live again

I have walked a million miles
Coming closer to what I think is the end
I won’t leave my present path

I have walked a million miles
through the fields of blood
To see myself die

I want to corrupt myself to be cleansed
Immersed in light, the light of lies
Track Name: Illusions
Am I what I want to be
Will I be what I always was
Drifting through an ocean
Of lies and truths,
I won’t restrain

I see myself fading, beyond our horizon
Floating in the bitterness
I won't beg you anymore
Not all my hope is gone

They are all illusions

Can I be what I want to be
Will I be what I always was
Drowning in an ocean
Of lies and truths

My heart bows down to me
It feels the distant shore coming near
Will it take me back to life
Or leave me alone and unaffected

They are all illusions
Track Name: Eldersky
Silence becomes noise
Doubts settle in light
I'm walking in my footsteps
Erasing present plight

But you can't repeat the past
All those moments are forever gone
In mourning we're waiting
For things to come

The distant voice is calling you
Faintly touching what's inside
No matter how many days have passed
It will still keep us all alive

Outer shells are damaged
Weary souls are torn
But our hearts will never forget
To whom they still belong

One day we'll have to raise
The debris around our feet
Like two silent monuments
We brave the tides and grieve

I beg you to remember
When you glance up to the sky

The path of the elder
You cannot deny

Regardless of the way
All the things are still the same
Your past is yours
And thy memories will remain
Track Name: The Truth Untold
A loss of words
a feverish dream
of a higher place
in this dystopian scene

A loss of sight
on trembling grounds
the eyes fixed
on the horizon

Like a mirror of my soul I'm staring into nothingness
Feeling, but never understanding
Our bodies just insignificant shells
Feeling, but never understanding
Speaking, but leaving the truth untold

You hear them speak
You hear them moan
And you just can't
Walk on this path no more

Soon you'll become a part
Of something far beyond
Our limited imagination

And yet you'll always
remain close to us
With your destination
in sight

far, far beyond
human's destination
Track Name: Beyond Horizons
I carry dreams to their graves,
Unforgotten, but slowly fading
Descending beyond our horizons
Congealed like the fire of youth

In the coldness of time

It's breathing though it's dead inside
The way of the world
The way of the tide

I can never atone for my own mistakes
Just a pale reflection of the life I lived
Concealed in the shadows, hiding from the light
I found the answer and came back to life

Freed from the chains, that once bound me
Sunk deep into the sea, where no light would ever be
Track Name: Wisdom Lost Without The Past
Like an ocean bare of water
A fire without sparks
A rising storm lacking darkened clouds
Or the nightfall without stars

Like trees detached from soil
And a voice without a sound
Each day we add to the dead weight
With our eyes on the ground

Grey and pale are the days to come
Wisdom lost without the past

What is life without the days to remember
And the years of pain paving your way
Accept the heavy feet and the aching back
But it's still not the time to liberate the weight

Dead weight and pain
Is what we tread upon
So whatever is to come
We won't back down

Seas may sear
Eyes may blear
We won't fear

Fires won't burn
Ropes may tear
We won't fear
Track Name: Sun's Stigma
The streams of blood are withered, the wind has calmed
The sun burns its Stigma into the skin
Our words went unheard, our scripts are faded
The flesh is rotten, our souls condemned
There was one direction, and one direction is what is left
The divine glance is what was to be found

The Suns Stigma
There was one direction, and one direction is what is left
We reached for the stars, and were blinded by their light
Too far from the roots, too high in the sky
Human mutilation in the blink of an eye
We reached for the stars, and were blinded by their light
Our light is gone
Track Name: The Coldest Of Fires
Paradoxical, the way we are
I stand frozen, set ablaze

Our duality of connection
Creates an equilibrium
But even as the smallest part
My ripples may reach your heart

I am burning, in the coldest of fires
Suffocating my soul under the ashes
Your hands reach me, cold and empty
My words turned into whispers
That float up and away
Track Name: Prelude to...
Track Name: Infinity
I am small, a single cell of life in an empty space
I am grand, the perfection of life without a flaw

The shackles of life bound me long enough
I shall finally ascend into what I am
I am chaos, the havoc of my free will
I am love, I am death, I am infinity

Foreverness, incomprehensible, beyond all belief
Endlessness, the one and only absolute entity

Eternity, inconceivable beyond all life
Infinity, it is my state of mind

Intertwined and unconnected
Black and white, a notion of above and below
There is more to our eyes than we see
Reach beyond, feel infinity

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